Monday 6 June 2016

Call sheets

Call sheets can be elevated to a complex science requiring at least two PhDs. In contrast our call sheets were just simple google docs. We've set up a shared folder which every cast/crew could view. There is a nice app which allows viewing the document directly on your phone so that last minute updates directly show up on the phone. No messy e-mails. Just up to date pages.
Each of these documents looked like this one:

5th Sept

Sound: 9.30am
Dir,AC,1st AD,design,runner: 9am
Edit: noon

scene 33/34/35: Anna, Robert (Scene 34 now just a voiceover of Josh)

scene 36: Anna, Robert, Jojo, Ruth

1pm: break

2pm: reshoot 48-49

scene 45: Anna, Robert, Jojo, Ruth

scene 85-89 first rehearsal/blocking: Ruth, Anna, Robert

Aspirin tampered with
Normal aspirins


all call times were actual 1st take times. Actors could come whenever they liked as long as they were ready when I called "action". Also in terms of clothing that was the actors' responsibilty and that worked perfectly.

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